Scenar Therapy

Karina uses Scenar therapy in conjunction with her remedial session if needed.

SCENAR technology relies on the body’s mechanism of adaptation ensuring dynamic equilibrium and homeostasis. Regulation of the body’s vital functions is achieved through close connection and interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems.​


The main goal of SCENAR therapy is to induce the secretion of a sufficient amount of neuropeptides to relieve pain by initiating a healing sequence and an analgesic effect This is achieved by active feedback mechanisms, bipolar electrical impulses stimulates the nerves that activate muscle response and relieves the painful or stressed area of inflammation and congestion.

Karina believes Scenar therapy is a genuine revolution in healing technology devised for the Russian space program as a state-of-the-art healing device that has produce impressive results in short course treatments. Whichever treatment is right for you, in the hands of an experienced and intuitive healer like Karina, you can expect dramatic improvements in your health and well being.